Giuseppe Scalich

Painter and wood-carver was born in Zara in 1941. After the stormy political events in ex Yugoslavia he migrates with  his family in Milan, Italy in 1950,  there he becomes manager for Lufthansa German Airlines. Passion for painting is deeply seated in him and so parallelly he begins at the end of the 50ies to paint  in order to  express  his emotions and  his love for the brush.  The real true approach to  painting is to be dated at the beginning of the 60ies. He essentially is a naturalist /figurative painter, post impressionist, autodidact but with nowadays traces . Encouraged by some art critics  he makes himself known and  is introduced in the  world of art  and his works are shown in some personal exhibitions in Milan. Fond of colours in it’s various forms and master of perspective and little  particulars he deals with ease  all kind of subjects but his geniality and creativity are remarkable  not only in  land and seascapes where he expresses his emotional passions but also in horses where the impetuous  strength inspiration  comes out of him. The whole is mingled and is completed by his many travels through the different continents   acquiring  and capturing  from those countries a multitude of  colours which will  enrich his works in many ways. His myth and  poetical Muse is Vincent van Gogh from whom he draws the main characteristics, making his own  the techniques and the colours  . He will even successfully try to copy the most important works of the Genius to put himself in competition with him . In his spare moments, he creates and makes wood carvings.

Giuseppe Scalich  and his  wife Liliana Maria Teresa De Martino
alias Pino and Lulu

Since 1987 he  lives in Cerveteri, next to Rome. A serious illness has overcome in 2000 and therefore  has lost the use of his right limbs. Nevertheless he doesn’t give up painting and decides to draw and colour life  with his left hand only. Love for life and for drawing  both with  a big strength and will of iron make the rest. The mark of his works is always the same and no  critic would even notice the difference. Unfortunately he is compelled to give up carvings which require the use of both hands.

Giuseppe Scalich in his garden

Technique            oil painting, wash drawing and acrylics

Genre Painting      figurative/naturalist

They talked and written about him  :  Alessandro Rovati, Marina Castaldi “Creativity and colours coexist harmoniously. You may find his works in private collections, public organizations,  in Italy and abroad.

He has been mentioned in specialized magazines and books among which  :

Les Artistes Européens ed. 1976, 
L'Elite New Arte Selezione Internazionale( Artitalia Edizioni) " "  :
edizione 2008 - 2009


Personal exhibitions  .: Galleria “80” – Milan Linate Airport 1980(Milan)

Collective exhibitions .: I Concorso Cocktail Galliano 1975(Milan)

Collective exhibitions .: Ludi Ceretani 2006  - Cerveteri (Rome)

Collective Contest : Ludi Ceretani 2006 –Cerveteri (Rome)

Acknowledgements  and awards.: Galleria “80”(Milan) 1980

Acknowledgements  : Ludi Ceretani 2006 – Cerveteri (Rome) and  some others.

Collective Exhibitions : Sponsored by Cerveteri's Council from   30/08/07 to 9/09/07

Collecttive Exhibition : sponsored  by Cerveteri's Council  (Rome) from dal 30/08/07  to   9/09/07

Acknowledgements  :  newspaper   "IL MESSAGGERO" of  Rome  6/05/08  Pag. 23 "Cultura&Spettacolo" 

               WITH  PHOTO PUBBLICATION  painting format .zip CLIC HERE       and      painting format .jpg  CLIC HERE 

 Collettive Exhibition   : Sponsored by Cerveteri's Council (Rome)  from  22/08/08  to 31/08/08  

Collecttive Exhibition  : "Alchimie D'Etruria"  c/o Case Grifoni , Piazza S. Maria - Cerveteri (RM) from 24/10/08  to  29/11/08

 Collettive Exhibition   : Sponsored by Cerveteri's Council (Rome)  from 24/08/09  to  30/08/09



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...see the site of Giuseppe Scalich a
friend of mine, a great man and nonetheless a great painter


...cari amici visitate il sito del mio amico Giuseppe Scalich
un grande uomo nella sua storia di vita e nondimeno un grande pittore

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